Sea Breeze Airways has a sincere interest in the management of aircraft that are privately owned as well as the utilization of such aircraft in the air charter segment of our business.  Owning an aircraft shouldn't be a hassle.  You have a business to run and a life to live.  The last thing you deserve is the burden of the upkeep and operation of your aircraft.  At Sea Breeze Airways, our business and our life is aircraft management.  Listed below are just a few of the management services we can provide:


Photo Cessna Aircraft Company


- Full Flight Department Operational Support

- Crew Screening, Selection, Training (Initial and Recurrent) and Scheduling

- Maintenance Monitoring and Cost Advisement

- Aircraft Purchase Analysis & Utilization Evaluations

- Pre-buy Inspection of Aircraft for New Owners

- Continuous FAA Regulatory Monitoring and Compliance

    With over 50 combined years of aviation experience, the Sea Breeze network of industry experts can guarantee a virtually hassle free experience from the time you contact us, through the acquisition phase, and continuing during the years of proud ownership of your aircraft.  We will deliver an exceptional aircraft and continue to maintain and operate it to the highest of standards.  At Sea Breeze, we cut no corrners, as we hold the highest regard to the Federal Aviation Regulations.  Whether you are in need of a small aircraft for local business or an executive jet to span the globe, Sea Breeze Airways has the solution for you.

In addition to our aircraft management expertise, we also offer the following services:

- Aerial Survey and Photography

- Aerial Real Estate Evaluation

- Special Cargo Carriage (No HAZMAT)

- Sightseeing

- Flight Instruction (in cooperation with Hilton Head Flyers, LLC)

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