What is the advantage of chartering a flight with Sea Breeze Airways?

     There are countless advantages to chartering a flight with Sea Breeze Airways.  First and foremost, you make the schedule.  Need to be at a meeting at exactly 3:15 pm?  We will determine the time to depart to make sure you arrive exactly on time.  Change in plans?  No problem, just tell us and we will work around your schedule.  When traveling with the airlines, you are at the mercy of many variables which are completely out of your control.  With Sea Breeze Airways, you call the shots.  While the pilot has the final authority on the flight, we will do whatever it takes to make sure you get the most out of our service.

How safe is it?

     Sea Breeze Airways has been thoroughly inspected by the Federal Aviation Administration prior to being issued an air carrier certificate.  During the certification process, we were required to extensively demonstrate a standard level of safety of the aircraft, pilot, and management of the company.  However, we feel that what is standard and acceptable for other air carriers is sub-par for Sea Breeze Airways.  We have taken the standard of safety set forth by the Federal Aviation Regulations and upped it to our own ideals.  You can rest assured that when flying with us, you are in good hands.

It seems so expensive.  Why isn't chartering with Sea Breeze Airways cheaper?

     When flying on the airlines, you are paying for one seat.  If your group consists of 4 people traveling together, you must purchase 4 tickets.  When you fly with Sea Breeze Airways, you are getting a package deal.  Your charter price includes full use of the 5 passenger seats aboard the aircraft, the pilot, and the fuel.  We will also allot you a "waiting time" at your destination, to be determined by the total round trip flight time.  When we quote you a price, it is for the entire party, not each individual person.  The more people in your group, the more cost effective it becomes to charter a flight.  In an effort to remain a business establishment of honesty and integrity, we will tell you when we feel that Sea Breeze Airways may not be the best option for your travel needs.

Why does Sea Breeze Airways choose to fly a single engine airplane?

Sea Breeze Airways has evaluated the costs of operation of numerous types of aircraft.  We have determined that for the market we are aiming to serve, a single engine aircraft is sufficient to carry out that task.  Single engine aircraft are much more cost effective to operate, and in turn, we are able to pass on a lower cost to you, the customer.  In either a single or twin engine airplane, if one engine is inoperative, the airplane does not take off.  When the need arises to upgrade to a larger aircraft, Sea Breeze Airways has the resources available to efficiently make the transition.  In researching past aircraft accident and incident data, single engine aircraft in use by air charter services have a lower accident rate than light twin engine aircraft.

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