General Manager Marty Craig

 A message from our Gen. Manager:

Thank you for viewing our Sea Breeze Airways, LLC web site.

The company was created 11 years ago to specially focus on small and medium business that wanted a very cost effective way to move their staff members within South Carolina, Georgia and Northern Florida by air for business or personal reasons. So having a small single engine aircraft allocated for that requirement was most important because small businesses are important and we enjoy the pleasure of supporting our clientele to date.

However, some new things have happened here at Sea Breeze that will allow Sea Breeze Airways, LLC to bring several additional services to our customers and will hopefully attract future clientele as well. In June 2017 Sea Breeze Airways, LLC expanded its capabilities and is now capable of operating up to 5 aircraft and utilizing 10 pilots with the opportunity to expand even further should it wish to do so. This allows Sea Breeze Airways the opportunity to offer additional and longer air charter services to our Low Country clientele while also allowing us to serve a larger area of the eastern United States.

In the months to come Sea Breeze Airways will be adding additional aircraft that can provide an enhanced travel experience and allow for multiple passenger carriage.

In closing I do not want to overlook our additional focus and interest in the management of aircraft that are privately or corporately owned and whose owners are looking for a cost effective alternative to their operating costs. We have some exceptional staff that at very committed to their profession and the well-being of every one of our clients. So please give us a call if you have an aircraft that you would like to have managed by our very experienced staff.

Please feel free to call us at any time. We will be happy to be of assistance!

Thank you


 Sea Breeze Airways is proud to have received its Federal Air Carrier Certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration in Columbia, SC. Pictured above is, from left to right, Sea Breeze Airways General Manager, Marty Craig; FAA Regional Office Assistant Manager, Marty Crouch; Sea Breeze staff, Travis Faudree.


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